Dali Sound Hub

The Sound Hub is the starting point when setting up you CALLISTO speaker system cable free, and where initiating the pairing process begins. It also controls all communication with the connected speakers and ensures that audio, volume and balance are synchronised across the speakers. It handles all audio inputs via the built in Bluetooth, (supporting AAC, Apt-X and Apt-X HD) or any of the multitude of external inputs (Optical, Coax, Analogue and the expansion ports). The wireless 24 bit / 96 kHz connection carries the line level signal from the Sound Hub to the speakers built-in amplifier.

The Sound Hub’s auto source sensing system ensures that you only rarely need think about what input you are using. Just start playing music or turn on your TV and the Sound Hub will automatically activate the right input, and if in standby, also turn on the speakers. There truly is nothing more for you to do other than enjoy.

When the need for adjusting the volume arises it is easily done from the remote control, the Sound Hub or even directly on top of the speakers via the built-in touch panel. The Sound Hub transmit the volume change to the connected speakers and the volume is changed in the speaker amplifier.