Dali E-SUB 9 F

A subwoofer does not have to be big to sound huge.
The new fantastic DALI SUB E-9 F is the living proof of this.
The E-SUB 9 F is a highly magnified sounding compact subwoofer for a very precise detail and powerful bass reproduction in compact stereo or surround setups.
This new subwoofer contains a 9 "woofer which is able to move air with a lot of force and precision. The cone is made of pure aluminum for maximum rigidity and with the LFE and subwoofer LINE inputs that can easily accompany every AV installation. The heart of the E-SUB 9 F is the 170W RMS Class D amplifier with high linear response.
The result is a powerful well-balanced bass and seamless integration with your speakers. As an extra feature, the built-in limiter protects your subwoofer from overloading.
The E-SUB 9 F is available in three colors: black high gloss white and light walnut. All models feature a stylish gloss front baffle. The E-SUB 9 F is delivered without front panel but a front panel will be available as an optional accessory (expected in early February).
The DALI SUB E-9 F is recommended as a supplement to the KUBIK FREE or other compact models Zensor or Fazon series. In addition, the E-SUB 9 F is of course compatible with all DALI speakers as the perfect complement to a DALI stereo or surround setup.