Chord Electronics Mojo

The Mojo from Chord Electronics is an award-winning headphone amplifier with built-in DSD DAC and is based on the much-adored Hugo platform. Combine the Mojo with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC and enjoy your music at home or on the go in a dynamic, distortion free and crystal-clear sound quality.

This Mojo is built with high grade components and has a powerful FPGA chip in which the digital signal is converted to analog. Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf solution, Chord developed a custom FPGA DAC solution. The sound quality of this British 'royalty' is exceptionally good, the casing is built like a tank and has large, nicely controllable buttons as a finishing touch. Despite its robust build, the Chord Mojo is light and compact. Pick it up, take it with you and listen on-the-go to your favorite music with up to two headphones simultaneously.

This British headphone amplifier is suitable for virtually any type of headphone and can handle impedances as of 8 Ohms up to 600 Ohms. Plug-in a digital signal through the optical Toslink input, the coaxial S/PDIF input (3.5mm jack plug) and micro-USB input. The Mojo has a separate USB port for data and power. This allows you to use the Mojo as a USB-DAC in your sound system. If you use the Mojo especially on the road, the Li-Po battery provides up to 10 hours of playtime fun.