Cambridge Audio Yoyo (L)

All-In-One Home Audio System

Unlike its portable counterparts, (L) is designed to stay firmly in the hub of home life delivering exceptional power and sound quality for all of your audio needs. This includes Bluetooth streaming, Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect and not forgetting an ARC and Optical Input to hook your TV up to it too.

Sound First Design

Yoyo (L) delivers a powerful centre stage plus left and right channel separation for an incredibly immersive experience.

Chromecast Built-In

Yoyo (L) features Chromecast built-in to connect seamlessly to your smart device, allowing you to listen to, and control, your favourite music without the hassle of pairing. Simply tap the cast button to experience your music through Yoyo (L)’s immersive room-filling sound.

Convenience Meets Performance

Cambridge Audio's in-house engineering team have gone to great lengths to ensure an exceptionally detailed and yet expansive sound from the Yoyo (L), faithful to their philosophy of delivering Great British Sound. And thanks to Yoyo (L)’s impressive connectivity, great performance comes with great convenience.

USB Charching

As much as we love our smartphones, the battery life often lets us down. So there is a a USB charging port so you can top up your phone’s battery.

Britisch Fabrics From Marton Mills

Cambridge Audio wanted Yoyo to deliver British Sound in British Style so they've partnered with world-renowned Yorkshire weavers Marton Mills who have been expertly crafting fabrics since 1931 to wrap each of the Yoyo speakers in 100% worsted wool.