Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus

Improving a legendary product is never easy but Cambridge Audio has gone back to the drawing board to develop a more practical DacMagic with attractive new features wireless connectivity and most important of all even better audio performance.

Developed in Cambridge Audio's Research and Development in London's South Bank, the DacMagic Plus builds in various ways upon the great features of its predecessor:

  • In the first place, the superior performance can be measured thanks to a new ATF2 upsampling algorithm. The ATF2 technology also provides improved linearity at low levels which is important with the increasing demand for popular 24 bit downloads.
  • The USB port is completely revised and now supports 24-bit transfer for USB "better than CD quality" playback of digital music collections.
  • A new plug-and-play BT100 Audio Receiver wirelessly stream music from iPhones Adroid smartphones tablets, laptops or any device with Bluetooth also possible. Plus the control and playback of stored music online music services such as Napster and Spotify, Last FM via the HiFi system. And perhaps most important of all is that the fast-growing apt-X technology can be used to wirelessly take advantage of the HiFi audio quality with DacMagic Plus.
  • In response to the increasing demand for headsets, the DacMagic Plus has a fully integrated headphone amplifier with volume control for optimal private listening pleasure.
  • Finally, a new digital preamp mode allows the DacMagic Plus to connect directly to power amplifiers or powered speakers to operate it.

Since the launch of the DacMagic in 2008 - the first dedicated DAC for computer music generation - is the way we listen to music has changed dramatically. CD sales have fallen sharply, and the popularity of online music libraries and streaming services have proliferated. DacMagic Plus offers an even more comprehensive solution for delivering the highest quality 24 bit music data from PCs or Macs and upsampling means the new Anagram Technologies ATF2 processor combined with an upgraded Analog Devices 32-bit DSP (as used in the 840C CD player ) up to 384 kHz. The result is a very lively and detailed display which is remarkably free of jitter - a problem that the music stored on hard drives and sending attacks through networks.

The modern user owns several devices that could benefit from a significant improvement in the appearance and DacMagic offers a set of connectors that. These include S / PDIF TosLink (ideal for digital iPod docks network music TVs Blu-ray players etc.) and USB (for computers plus one special connection for the additional optional BT100 Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

DacMagic Plus Features

  • Dual Wolfson WM8740 DACs in a dual differential circuit
  • New ATF2 audio up-sampling of Anagram Technologies with improved linearity for 24-bit sources
  • New 32-bit Analog Devices Signal Processor (DSP) for less jitter and digital filtering plus up-sampling to 24 bit / 384 kHz (the original DacMagic used a TI DSP working on an ATF of 24/192 kHz).
  • Inputs:
    • New 24/96 driverless USB Audio Input - or up to 24/192 USB input with a free Cambridge Audio driver (available on the website) for playback of audio files at the highest resolution and kernal streaming and ASIO features asynchronous transfer
    • Two digital inputs with optical and coaxial connections for both
    • Special entrance for BT100 Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Digital output for loop through to a recording medium (optical or coaxial).
  • Analog outputs for connection to hi-fi or home entertainment system
    • Balanced XLR audio output
    • Cinch output
  • Digital volume control 9hoofdtelefoonuitgang and analog output) for direct connection to power amp or powered speakers
  • Incoming sample rate converter indication 32/441/48/882/96 / 192kHz
  • Three filters of your choice (linear / minimum / steep) from which the user can choose according to preference and depends on the material (automatically selects the last position when changing source)
  • All-metal chassis and enveloping new cabinet with solid aluminum front panel
  • Can also be used vertically (new special stand included) or horizontally
  • Available in silver and black