Burson Audio Playmate

The Burson Audio Playmate features both an integrated USB DAC and headphone amplifier. Use this multifunctional device as a headphone amplifier, pre-amplifier or as a highres USB DAC. As desired the output signal can be switched between fixed and variable mode. Variable it behaves as a typical pre-amplifier with a built-in DAC to control a power amplifier or a set of active loudspeakers. However, with a fixed output signal the Audio Playmate is the perfect USB-DAC for your Hi-Fi set.

Do you prefer to use the Audio Playmate with your (game) PC? With the supplied accessories it easily integrates in your system cabinet. You can even use the power plug of the high current internal PSU to power the Audio Playmate directly. Today this is one of the few DAC's or perhaps the only DAC available with this unique feature. This makes the Audio Playmate the perfect headphone amplifier DAC for AV productions and highend gaming.

Audiophile build and quality

No matter how you prefer to use the Audio Playmate, the sound quality is always top notch. Five separate Maximum Current Power Supplies provide the power for the analogue, digital and control sections. The discreetly built V6-Vivid, V6-Classic modules and the pure class-A power amplifiers from Burson are also contributing to the premium sound quality. The output power is 2W and the output impedance is 32 ohms. This enables a perfect match with most modern and vintage headsets.


The much-praised ES9038 Sabre DAC from ESS handles the conversion of digital streams to analogue audio signals. The maximum resolution (USB-audio) is 32 bits at 768kHz PCM and DSD512. In addition to the USB audio input, the DAC is also equipped with an optical Toslink input on the back and an analogue microphone input on the front. The settings and stream information are clearly displayed on the front panel display. Burson also supplies a robust remote control for easy control.

If you are in the game for a premium built headphone amplifier USB-DAC to integrate into your PC, this Audio Playmate should not escape your attention. If there might be any additional question about the Audio Playmate, please contact one of the specialists at Wifimedia. The Burson Audio Playmate can be ordered quick and easy online via the Wifimedia webshop.

The Playmate is supplied by Wifimedia with the best sounding opamp option: V6 Vivid Dual X 2, V6 Classic X 2