Burson Audio Conductor 3

The Burson Conductor 3 is a very nice headphone amplifier with built-in DAC where the manufacturer has not cut back on technology and construction. This high performance headphones amplifier has a very powerful built-in Class-A amplifier with a low output impedance and can effortlessly drive headphones up to 600 Ohm. So no matter what brand or type of headphones you prefer, the Burson Conductor 3 makes music through your own trusted headphones sound like never before.


The headphone amplifier has two analogue RCA line inputs, a built-in DAC stage and communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0. In addition to having a stable and powerful headphone amplifier, this Conductor 3 can also be used as a good-sounding preamplifier via the variable line output. Simply connect a set of active speakers or a powerful power amplifier to this Conductor 3. Play your favourite music wirelessly via your smartphone, digitally via your laptop or analogue via any music source. Whatever you prefer, this Burson Conductor 3 lets you enjoy your favourite music to the fullest.


Use this Conductor 3 as a high-quality DSD DAC. For this purpose, this headphone amplifier has a coaxial S/PDIF, an optical Toslink and a USB audio input available. Burson has chosen for this Conductor 3 to provide both the left and right channel with an ESS 9038 Sabre DAC. These have a maximum resolution of 32 bits and 768kHz at PCM and native DSD to DSD512. By using two separate DAC's this Conductor 3 delivers a very low distortion, a high signal-to-noise distance and a maximum channel separation. With this DAC even the smallest details in the background can be heard effortlessly. This makes the Conductor 3 also perfect for use as a premium DAC in your Hi-Fi set.

If you are looking for a headphone amplifier that can also be used as a preamplifier or as a good sounding DSD DAC, then this multifunctional Conductor 3 from Burson is an excellent choice. Order this beautiful Conductor 3 quickly and easily through the Wifimedia webshop. Would you like to listen to this headphone amplifier with your own headphones, please make an appointment at the Wifimedia Experience Center in Arnhem.