Bowers & Wilkins SA1000

The Bowers & Wilkins SA1000 subwoofer amplifier is specifically designed to drive Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theatre SW subwoofers. This powerful amplifier with built-in electronic crossover can be installed in equipment rooms, from where it drives passive subwoofers elsewhere. Thanks to its most energy efficient Class D design, this relatively compact subwoofer amplifier delivers a stunning impulse power output of 1kW!

The SA1000 features a built-in equalizer specifically designed for use with Bowers & Wilkins CT SW subwoofers. The bass reproduction starts at 16 Hertz and can drive up to two subwoofers simultaneously. Driving more than 2 subwoofers is also possible. Easily scale up the number of subwoofers by using additional SA1000 amplifiers which, again can drive up to two subwoofers each.