Bowers & Wilkins P7

P7 is a large over-ear headphone revered by music lovers and professionals. Its size and acoustic engineering provide remarkable frequency range and musical resolution.

Studio standard

P7 borrows ideas from B&W's best studio loudspeakers. They offer reference sound quality and are used extensively by music professionals.

Over-ear pads

The leather pads keep a consistent volume of air around the drive units, enhancing stereo imaging. They also deliver a more comfortable fit and noise isolation for an immersive listening experience.

Hi-Fi sound

Uncompromising quality is found in every engineering detail. Unique vented speaker baskets control airflow precisely, while innovative damping materials and baffles cut resonance, reflection and distortion. The result are breathtaking.

The best materials

P7 is crafted from the finest materials, including aluminium and sheep's leather, not just for performance but also luxury and durability. P7 ear pads will remain comfortable for the longest of listening sessions.

Foldable design

Thanks to a neat, foldable design you can take your P7 wherever you go. Perfect for either long journeys or short commutes.

Changeable ear pads

Noise isolating magnetised ear pads can be detached with ease, allowing you to replace the ear pads.