Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

P5 Series 2's are an award-winning on-ear noise-isolating headphone. Combining remarkable sound quality and a luxuriously comfortable fit.

Go anywhere, hear everything

P5 Series 2 is the perfect partner for mobile hi-fidelity. The sound is wonderfully open and spacious. Bass is powerful but also natural and controlled. Subtle details are revealed and brought to life.

Hi-Fi drive units

The drivers in P5 Series 2 are designed to work like those in a Hi-Fi speaker, with a more precise, controlled movement.

Acoustically optimised

P5 Series 2's ear pads feature an acoustically optimised trille pattern. This allows air to move freely through the pads, reducing acoustic impedance to a minimum.

Finely tuned

P5 Series 2 are tuned by the same team responsible for B&W's flag 800 Series Diamond speakers.

Perfect fit

A blend of sheep's leather and aluminium make P5 Series 2 sturdy yet comfortable, and with ultra soft cushioning you'll forget you're even wearing headphones.

Durable and long lastig

Magnets hold P5 Series 2's ear pads in place, so you can easily detach them in order to replace them or change the cable.

Made for life

Perfect partner for on the move listening, P5 Series 2 utilises high performance cabling to allow you to control your music and take calls with ease.