Beyerdynamic Byron BTA

  • Bluetooth technology for more freedom of movement
  • Operating range up to 10 m
  • Operating time of rechargeable battery up to 7.5 hours
  • Audio codecs: Qualcomm® aptX™, Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Low Complexity Subband Codec (SBC)
  • Cable with integrated remote control and microphone
  • LED to display the operating status
  • Use with each Bluetooth-capable device such as smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Voice prompted battery status

The Byron BTA is a wireless in-ear headset with Bluetooth technology that features a natural and high-resolution sound with pleasant bass. Due to DSP it sounds very fine and balanced. The operating range of up to 10 metres ensures appropriate freedom of movement and use with all Bluetooth-capable devices such as smartphone, tablet or computer.

The cable between the two earphones comes with an integrated remote control with microphone. When using the volume buttons, the volume can be increased reduced or the microphone can be muted. A multifunction button is used for turning the headset on or off, accepting or ending a call, activating the pairing mode and for music control. Voice prompts about the status of the rechargeable battery contribute to user comfort.

The integrated battery is recharged via a charging cradle within 90 minutes.

Due to the closed design and the eartips supplied in three different sizes, ambient noise is effectively attenuated.