Belkin Soundform Elite

With this Belkin Soundform Elite HiFi Smart Speaker, you can listen to music in crystal clear sound quality anywhere in the house. This multiroom speaker has a contemporary design and easily finds a nice spot in the windowsill, on a bookshelf, bedside table or in the kitchen. Easily combine this smart speaker with another Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker and listen to your favorite music all around the house.

Perfect sound quality

This smart Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker features Speaker Active Matching technology and Push-Push Woofer architecture developed by the highly acclaimed French high end audio brand Devialet. The sound that this compactly designed Belkin Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker delivers is nothing less of impressive. Easily stream music through Bluetooth from your smartphone or play your playlists in perfect sound quality through your favorite online streaming service with Google Home. You can also use the Google Assistant to control other Google Home smarthome devices in your home.

Easy to control

Operate this smart speaker hands-free with voice commands with the Google Assistant or quickly with the tactically placed touch-sensitive buttons on top of the speaker. When you receive a phone call or you've just had a bite to eat, you can use these buttons to adjust the volume or pause and play the music again. There are also buttons available for Bluetooth and for turning the microphone on and off. If you have a phone with Wireless Charging functionality, you can place it safely in the 'pocket' on top of the speaker to recharge it in a short amount of time.