WLAN N for each computer

The FRITZ! WLAN Stick N connects your computer quickly with the FRITZ! Box and other WLAN routers. In addition, the WLAN standard 802.11n is used with up to 300 Mbit / s. The compact design of the particularly easy installation and WPA2 encryption provide wireless surfing pleasure.

Compatible with all WLAN routers

The FRITZ! WLAN Stick N is suitable for combination with all WLAN routers, linking computers easily to wireless networks. Besides the fast WLAN N with 300 Mbit / s stick controls all common WLAN standards bands and encryptions.

Connected anywhere in a flash

With the AVM Stick & Surf technology need no settings to be performed when the FRITZ! WLAN Stick is used together with a FRITZ! Box. Connect the FRITZ! WLAN Stick to just get into the USB port of the FRITZ! Box and then on the computer:! The stick automatically has the correct wireless settings, and you can start surfing.

Easy installation in seconds

The FRITZ! WLAN Stick also supports WPS configuration for automatically secure wireless connection also with WLAN devices from other manufacturers. On the computer, the FRITZ! WLAN Stick N after connecting automatically installed on the USB port; a CD-ROM with drivers is not required.