AVM FRITZ! Powerline 530E Set

Not suitable for the Belgian electricity.

Home Network from the socket

FRITZ! Powerline 530E connects network devices quickly and safely through the power present in the house. With this adapter, any outlet in the house becomes a secure and fast network connection to the home network can be extended.

Easy and fast connection

FRITZ! Powerline 530E allows transmission speeds of up to 500 MBit / s to reach the home network and take it along when necessary. Fast safe and fully protected by the factory installed encryption. For instance, the FRITZ! Powerline creates dazzling speed out of the socket.

Intelligent function to save power

The FRITZ! Powerline 530E is automatically put in standby mode when no data transfer and can be used immediately when needed. This clever function to save power and low power consumption during standby adapter reduces the power consumption and cost.

In no time set

FRITZ! Powerline can be connected directly without installing any software. Just stabbing the adapter into the outlet and connect via LAN cable to a network device. The network is operational immediately and is fully protected by the encryption is installed by default.

Expanding with the push of a button

In order to expand the home network can be integrated at any time additional FRITZ! Powerline adapters easily and quickly in the network. A push of a button on an adapter placed already sufficient to have the extensive network available immediately.

Multimedia from the socket

FRITZ! Powerline 530E is ideal for the connection of applications that require high bandwidth, such as media streaming, gaming, surfing internet TV video on demand and VoIP. Get the whole world of multimedia in the home.

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x FRITZ! Powerline 530E
  • 2 x 180 m long network
  • Installation manual