AVM FRITZ! Powerline 510E Set

Handy starter for Powerline

FRITZ! Powerline 510E adapter is child's play to extend the home network via the existing power lines in the house. It integrates very efficient all network devices in the home network and provides a fast and stable data for all applications within the home network - Internet telephony surf gaming and enjoying music or video.

  • Easy connection via socket
  • No additional cables required
  • Fast transfer rates of 500 Mbps in the Powerline network
  • Available in convenient starter kit with two adapters

The outlet as a network connection

With FRITZ! Powerline 510E adapter is any outlet in your home a safe and fast network connection to the home network can be extended. It is even no need to lay new cables.

More speed for the home network

FRITZ! Powerline 510E gets into the home network via the power rates of up to 500 MBit / s. Thus, the adapter is a real alternative when, for example, by alterations to the setting of a stable WLAN network is not possible.

Could be much consumes little

Big on performance but economical in consumption: when FRITZ! Powerline 510E just not necessary, it will automatically put in standby mode and is immediately "wake up" when there is traffic again!. And in both standby and operational he introduces himself with very little power happy.

Blazing ready for use

! Setting the FRITZ! Powerline 510E is incredibly simple: just stabbing the adapter into a socket with a LAN cable to connect to a network device. The network is operational immediately and is fully protected by the encryption is installed by default.

More network with the push of a button

In order to even further expand the network is only a free socket and an extra FRITZ! Powerline adapter is required. Integrating the "new entry" in the home network need only a push of a button on an existing adapter - even easier is not possible!

Fun with multimedia

For multimedia applications that require high bandwidth FRITZ! Powerline 510E is the ideal solution. Due to the high speed and the stability of the transmission is even entertainment in HD and 3D quality possible.

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x FRITZ! Powerline 510E
  • 2 x 180 m long network
  • Installation manual