AVM FRITZ! Powerline 1000E Set

Gigabit speeds through the mains

! FRITZ Powerline 1000E you make every socket in your home effortlessly a blazing fast network connection - no additional cables. Experience gigabit speed via the power cable.
  • Easy connection via socket
  • No additional cables required
  • Latest powerline standard with up to 1200 Mbit / s
  • With Gigabit-LAN ​​connector
  • Available in convenient starter kit with two adapters

Latest Powerline generation for maximum speed

Achieved thanks to the latest standards FRITZ! Powerline 1000E unprecedented speeds. So unless you obtain a maximum data speed and improved range of stable connections throughout the home network.

Higher data rate via the socket

! FRITZ Powerline 1000E any outlet in your home is a potential high-speed network connections: gigabit speed you can send data via the power arrow quickly and safely through your home network.

More scope for the network

Thanks to the more advanced Powerline technology are a higher transfer rate and a longer range possible. Especially for sockets in the outer reception range of the increased and more robust transmission power makes a huge difference.

Flexible thanks to backwards compatibility

Of course FRITZ Powerline 1000E backward compatible with older models: use the adapter in combination with models of the 200 Mbit / s and 500 Mbit / s-class and lay the confines of your home network.

More power - less consumption

FRITZ! Powerline 1000E is more powerful than its predecessor FRITZ! Powerline 500E but is characterized by the same low power consumption. Thanks to the intelligent power-saving feature turns FRITZ! Powerline automatically to standby if no data is transmitted.

Easy and fast connection

With just a push of a button you can integrate new FRITZ! Powerline adapters in the home network and reestablish the connection to additional network devices. Installation is extremely simple and the transfer between the individual adapters will take place via an encrypted channel.

The intelligent solution

FRITZ! Powerline adapters are a smart solution for home network data can easily be sent via the power making it difficult placement of network cables unnecessary. That is the most practical and at the same time most reliable form of data transmission in the home network.

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x FRITZ! Powerline 1000E
  • 2 x network
  • Installation manual