AURALiC LEO GX.1 Reference Master Clock

The AURALiC LEO GX.1 Reference Master Clock is a very special addition to the VEGA lineup and takes the performance of AURALiC's premium G Series DACs to another level. As a specialist in streaming audio, AURALiC knows about the importance of an accurate clock signal when processing digital signals better than anyone.

When the clock signal is not 100% accurate and does not exactly match the digital data stream, it seriously affects sound and imaging properties. Especially with highres streams. It is no surprise that manufacturers of digital audio components heavily invest in ever faster and more accurate clock generators in its digital audio components.

Reference Master Clock

In the professional recording studio’s Reference Master Clock’s are part of the inventory for decades. Lately, an increasing number of hi-fi purists also experience the benefits with a more open, wider and deeper sound stage. Above all, a master clock brings more tranquility to the music playback. However, the AURALiC LEO Reference Master Clock is revolutionarily different from most conventional master clocks in the market.

Radically different

The LEO GX.1 is specifically designed to be used with G1, G2, G2.1 and future VEGA Streaming DACs. If you own an AURALiC VEGA DAC, this Master clock will push its performance to extreme levels. Unlike a conventional master clock that only delivers an accurate clock signal to a DAC, this LEO GX.1 replaces the entire internal clock circuit of the VEGA G-series DAC. Because the internal DAC of VEGA G2.1 is directly controlled by the LEO G.X clock, there is no need to use a Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuit. After all, the clock signal does not have to 'lock' to anything. This results in a much cleaner music reproduction.

Without compromises

Just like the Premium AURALiC G2.1 series, the AURALiC LEO GX.1 is designed without making compromises. The power supply is provided by a linear, low-noise Purer-Power power supply and is entirely made up of with Mil-Spec components. All signals and circuits are separated galvanically and optically from each other. In addition, all sections are maximally shielded against high-frequency and electromagnetic radiation. AURALiC certainly didn’t cut any corner to save a few pennies designing this brilliant LEO GX.1 Reference Master Clock.

New for 2020

The new LEO GX.1 is built with a rigid and optimally shielding Unity Chassis II featuring a balanced weight distribution. This chassis has a box-in-box design where the exterior is made of high-grade aluminum and the inner structure out of pure copper. This protects the electronics even better against the influences of EMI/RFI and attributes to a boost in sound quality. In addition, AURALiC has applied its new dampening feet with an ingenious 6-way suspension system. These cleverly designed feet effectively eliminate all resonances and vibrations enabling you to experience even more openness and transparency while playing your favorite music albums.