AURALiC ARIES G2.1 Streaming Transporter

Since its introduction in 2014, the AURALiC ARIES Streaming Transporter is one of the most desired audio streamers worldwide. For many music enthusiasts the ARIES offered a serious upgrade to the aging digital music player with built-in DAC, with which they made a first step into streaming audio. Now AURALiC has improved this most popular ARIES Streaming Transporter even further.

AURALiC carefully listened to its customers and addressed the majority of the feedback in this new audio streamer. While redesigning the basics, the technicians made several upgrades to the already uncompromising design of the previous ARIES G2 generation. This G2.1 generation is purely designed for music enthusiasts who just want to experience the best possible sound quality without making any compromise. This resulted in the all-new ARIES G2.1 Streaming Transporter; the most complete and best sounding AURALiC network player to date.

Unparalleled functionality

This AURALiC ARIES G2.1 allows you to listen to internet radio in a near perfect sound quality, to stream highres audio from your NAS and play your favorite albums through TIDAL, Qobuz and Spotify. The ARIES G2.1 also offers the possibility to build in a 2.5" hard disk or SSD which turns this ARIES into a powerful and versatile music server. Besides the advanced streaming functions, the ARIES G2.1 has Airplay and is a certified ROON Ready endpoint.

Compared to the previous G2 generation the USB ports of the Aries G2.1 are now overload protected. Fancy to play a compact disk? Simply connect an optical USB drive to the ARIES G2.1. During playback, the player buffers the audio signal enabling to playback in an even better sound quality than many high-end CD players. With the latest generation of the Lightning DS app, you can even rip discs and store them onto a hard drive or NAS.

Lightning DS and Lightning Link

The new seventh generation Lightning DS app offers even more features than before and allows you to control the AURALiC ARIES in a most intuitive way. Simply choose the desired streaming source and stream your music Bit-Perfect up to DSD512 and PCM 32/384kHz bit rates. The spacious Retina colour display shows all useful streaming information at a glance. In addition to the easy to use Lightning DS app, this VEGA G2.1 is ROON Ready and AURALiC has developed a powerful web interface that allows you to control the ARIES G2.1 with a regular web browser on any PC or mobile device.

With the Lightning Link you easily connect this ARIES G2.1 with an AURALiC LEO GX.1 Master Clock and a VEGA G2.1 DAC. Just use a premium quality HDMI cable and instantly enjoy the benefits of a Jitter-free connection between the AURALiC digital audio components. In addition, the Lightning Link also allows you to control the connected devices with a single interface.

High quality construction

The ARIES G2.1 is equipped with two linear AURALiC Purer-Power power supplies, each powering its own part of the streamer. The first power supply supplies power to the internal control circuits including the boards for data transport. The second power supply provides power to the analog and digital signal processing areas. Internally, the analogue, digital and control boards are galvanically isolated from each other by means of specially designed 'high-speed galvanic isolators'. This prevents interference, which will result in audible noise.

This new ARIES G2.1 is built with a rigid and optimally shielding Unity Chassis II featuring a balanced weight distribution. This chassis has a box-in-box design where the exterior is made of high-grade aluminum and the inner structure out of pure copper. This protects the electronics even better against the influences of EMI/RFI and attributes to a boost in sound quality. In addition, AURALiC has applied its new dampening feet with an ingenious 6-way suspension system. These cleverly designed feet effectively eliminate all resonances and vibrations enabling you to experience even more openness and transparency while playing your favorite music albums.

The AURALiC ARIESG2.1 is built on the highly acclaimed Tesla G2 streaming platform. As in the ARIES G1, the ARIES G2.1 uses two separate Femto clocks. The first clock drastically reduces the jitter on the AES/EBU, coaxial and optical outputs. The second clock is specifically designed for USB audio. No matter how you want to connect the streamer to a DAC, the timing is pin-point accurate, so you won't be bothered by jitter. With this AURALiC ARIES G2.1 your experience your digital music collection unlike ever before.