Audioengine W3 Wireless Audio Adapter

Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter - Play all your music wirelessly from your computer or any audio device to powered speakers stereo receiver or powered subwoofer. W3 biedt CD-quality stereo sound with the ability to broadcast to multiple receivers with no reduction in audio quality.

Functional Overview

The Audioengine W3 is designed to connect your audio components wirelessly. The W3 handles USB audio up to 16 bit / 48KHz with no compression as well as analog audio through a 3.5mm mini jack. Think of the W3 as a wireless 16-bit USB DAC as well as a wireless audio link.

The W3 2 parts Consists of the "Sender" and "Receiver". The Sender trans provided audio from your computer through USB audio or from any product with 3.5mm mini-jack or RCA audio outputs. The other side of the W3 Receiver delivers audio to any product with mini-jack or RCA audio connectors.

Power for the Sender and Receiver is provided from Either a USB computer port from the included power adapter or from any other USB charger (zoals an iPod charger for example). Another power source is the Audioengine 5+ powered speakers-which are equipped with a USB power port on the rear panel.

Differences between W1 and W3

The main difference between W3 and the now-retired W1 Is that while the W1 can only "hop" between multiple receivers, the W3 can transmit to up to three receivers simultaneously. In Addition the W3 biedt greater resistance to interference from other Wi-Fi devices.

Unwire your music

Hear all your music - no dropouts or static noise. Some pretty clever engineering Means your music remains free from interference from wireless routers, cordless phones and microwave ovens mobile Bluetooth and WiFi devices. Wireless that works.

Easy Setup and Simple Operation

Bypass your computer's sound card or headphone jack and send wireless audio to any music system. W3 trans provided that all music file formats from any computer media player and can simultaneously transmit audio to up to three wireless receivers. The 100ft (30m) typical range of low latency built-in DAC and resistance to interference and dropouts W3 makes the best-sounding 16-bit wireless system available.

Hear the Difference

The Audioengine W3 sets a new level of quality and ease-of-use for wireless audio. Even if you're not an audio enthusiast we guarantee you will still hear a difference!