Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stand (Pair)

The Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands were designed to make the best of a desktop setting by first and foremost aiming the speakers higher. This brings the tweeter closer to ear level and rein forces the frequencies that'll make up your music's soundstage. The DS2 Desktop Stands work best with larger speakers like our P4 and A5 +.

The Benefits of Isolation

Made of a high-performance silicone rubber, the DS2 Desktop Stands Help fumes vibrations between your speakers and desk. This results in cleaner more accurate low-end response.


  • 15 degree slope
  • High-performance silicone rubber

Works With

  • Audioengine A5
  • Audioengine A5 +
  • Audioengine P4
  • Larger desktop or bookshelf speakers