Audioengine DAC3

The DAC3 is a powerful yet portable 32-bit DAC and headphone amplifier that drives premium quality, high resolution audio to your headphones (or speakers) from your phone, tablet or computer. The perfect upgrade for enhancing your hi-res streaming experience at home or on the go.

Powerful yet portable

DAC3 is a powerful yet portable headphone amplifier and DAC that drives enhanced, high resolution audio to your headphones or speakers from your phone, tablet or computer.

Though small in size, DAC3 playback performance reveals stunning detail and music clarity headphones often miss when connected directly to your streaming device. The difference between listening to your music and hearing ALL of it.

High-performance headphone amplifier

DAC3 uses a high-performance headphone amplifier which drives audiophile-grade headphones with ease and ensures plenty of headroom for your headset. Experience maximum dynamic range with the capacity to support the most demanding headphones.

DAC3 isn't just for headphones. Variable line-level output can be connected to any system with an analog audio input, such as Audioengine powered speakers or an A/V receiver.

No batteries, no charging, no hassle

With only 3 steps to connect and no batteries or charging required, your new DAC is ready to go right out of the box. DAC3 simply draws its meager power requirement via a double regulated USB-C connection. Simply plug into your phone, tablet or computer using the included cables and let DAC3 expose you to the missing resolution in your favorite music.

The wired connection gives DAC3s its flex, full-range power for your headphones, and support for your hi-res music files or apps.

Enhance your streaming experience

ES9281A PRO Ultra DAC delivers 32-bit precision, high dynamic range and ultra low distortion
High-performance amplifier that easily drives headphones with impedances of 12 ohms or higher
Broad support for standard hi-res audio formats including MQA, PCM and DSD
Enhanced playback from your HD streaming apps (TIDAL, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Qobuz)

Audioengine signature sound

In 2005, Audioengine was founded on a simple goal: Design purpose-built home music systems that sound great, are easy to use, and make people want to listen to music every day. Each new product gives listeners well-thought updates and improvements inspired by all the ways people listen to their music. The new DAC3 is no exception.

Designed smaller for portability with added power for your hi-res music, DAC3 is the perfect blend of premium performance industry audiophiles love to feel and the modern functionality we all depend on.